Mother's Day SPECIAL - Grace


The beautiful arrangement of soft pink flowers, lasts between 6 months to a year. Encased in an elegant bottle, the flowers symbolize Good Luck, Admiration, Protection, Kindness, Shining Heart and Wealth. 

Price includes one bottle with a gift-ready packaging. 

The composition is pre-made in a unique freeform arrangement. Contact us if you want to view more images of this composition. 

Species used in this bottle includes Strawflower, Pepperberry, Rice Flower, Heather, Statice and Origanum Kent Beauty  

Colour palette:

Light - Medium Dark  Pink 

Bottle Size:

16.8cm H x 4.5cm ⌀ /  6.6" H x 1.8" ⌀


Like anything handmade with natural materials, no two herbariums are exactly alike. LEARN MORE

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