I used to spend a lot of time looking at my calendar and feeling completely overwhelmed. My days were packed full of long meetings and work that lasted well into the night. The weekends weren’t any better with a laundry list of chores and social obligations that never seemed to end. I was surviving but I felt far from alive. 

Sometimes we don’t realize how much of our time we give to our work and our obligations that we don’t save any for ourselves. We need to take back that time. After all, it’s all we have. How we spend our time has become the difference between living like a machine and living a life full of purpose, intention and meaning.

So I began exploring my creative side. It allowed me to use my imagination, to dream and wonder and create. To me, creativity doesn’t mean you have to be artistic. It means that you are willing to try something new, to follow your instincts and follow your passion. There is no right or wrong way in being creative, only the beauty that comes from something made by your own hands. By being creative, I am able to see the world with fresh eyes. By being creative, I am able to get closer to who I truly am.  

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Photo taken by MerlinDB