nurture relationships 

Relationships are the building blocks to the success and longevity of any organization and should be a part of your business strategy. 
The relationships you have with your employees, your clients, your partners and even potential investors can propel your business to new and untapped areas of growth.  

nurture your business

Corporate gifting is not about showing appreciation. It's a chance to create a powerful and lasting connection that can positively impact your bottom line. An unexpected gift can also show a prospective client or investor how much you value them and their business. 

nurture your people 

It takes people to run a company. But having good people who love their job is even better. 
Good quality, personalized gift can create a feeling of being valued. It fosters a sense of belonging, strengthens retention and their connection to the team. 

nurture unique experiences 

The Craft Kit Box is a personalized experience where you select beautiful elements in nature to create your own unique herbarium. Tapping into one's creativity is a digital-detox that not only produce something singular and meaningful, it also adds to one's well-being. 

nurture your brand 

Every Craft Box experience is another partner or customer touchpoint and a reflection of your brand. Make it part of your 360 strategy by integrating your brand on each Craft Box you send. We can customize to your brand guidelines and specifications. 
We also provide digital card options that you can brand and customize as well.

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