WA MOGA 29 is a collective of artists who share an aesthetic of refined minimalism and a passion for romanticism. Together, they design and create a curated selection of modern Japanese botanical art. 

Its founder, Reiko Katayama, was born and raised in Japan but spent half her life in the West working in the design industry where she brought together Japanese design philosophy and contemporary aesthetics.

“WA” means Japanese style while “MOGA” is what modern girls were called in Japan during the 1920s. For Reiko, these modern girls represented the pioneering women who boldly bridged the cultural divide between East and West with their fashion, their style and their minds. They were strong, independent, expressive and free and marked the beginning of Japan’s modern era. 

For Reiko, the number 29 simply means, “Trust in yourself.” With WA MOGA 29, she has brought together a community of people who trust in their own creative spirit. She continues to tell her story through each and every handcrafted piece she makes.